Consumers Are Optimistic About Online Digital Technology

Blog Post by Michael Milligan

June 25, 2018

Limelight’s global State of Digital Lifestyles 2018 market research shows consumers are increasingly dependent on digital technology and internet-connected devices for information, entertainment, and to simplify everyday tasks. However, as these devices become a more integral part of our lives, expectations and frustrations continue to rise.


First, the good news. 80% of consumers feel digital technology has positively impacted their lives, with 37% saying it has made a significant improvement.



Figure 71: How has the growing influence of online digital technology impacted your life?
(Scale -2 to +2)


When analyzed by country, people in the emerging countries of India and Malaysia are the most optimistic about how technology has impacted their lives, with 65.2% of people in India saying it has significantly improved their lives.



Figure 72: How has the growing influence of online digital technology impacted your life?
(Scale -2 to +2)


Consumers have become increasingly dependent on internet-connected digital devices. In fact, almost half (47.8%) would be unable to stop using their mobile phones for even one day.



Figure 56: How long would you be able to stop using your mobile phone?


On a weighted scale, we see global consumers are most dependent on their mobile phones, followed by computers, tablets, and digital assistants. The country that is most dependent on internet-connected devices is Malaysia, while Germans would be the most willing to give them up.



Figure 68: How difficult would it be to stop using your internet-connected digital devices?
(Scale 1-5)


The sale of digital assistants such Amazon Echo and Google Home have grown rapidly in the last year. 19.2% of global consumers currently own one of the devices, with 20.7% planning to purchase one in the next six months. However, a significant number of people still aren’t convinced, with 42.9% having no plans to purchase one.



Figure 30: Do you have or are you planning to purchase an internet-connected digital assistant
(such as Amazon Echo, Google Home Assistant, Apple HomePod)?


One of the challenges slowing the adoption of digital assistants is that most consumers remain skeptical about the ability of the devices to perform basic tasks.



Figure 49: I definitely trust a digital assistant to perform the following tasks.


They are also concerned about the security of using the devices, with more than 40% worried about the privacy of data collected and possible hacking into the devices. Only 19.3% have no concerns about using digital assistants.



Figure 50: What concerns do you have about using an internet-connected digital assistant such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant or Apple HomePod?
(Select all that apply)


When downloading, streaming, or accessing digital content online, the top choice for global consumers is music, followed by watching movies & TV shows, and downloading and using apps on their phones.



Figure 2: How often do you download, stream, or access the following types of digital content online?
(Scale 0-4)


And when it comes to obtaining movies & TV shows, most global consumers stream them online. Less than 8% still purchase DVDs.



Figure 8: How do you typically obtain movies or TV shows?


Although consumers enjoy the fact that digital content is easily accessible online, they are reluctant to pay for it if they can find it for free. Less than half of consumers will pay for online music, movies & TV shows, and less than a third will pay for access to online newspapers and magazines.



Figure 28: I am willing to pay to download stream or access this type of content if it is not available for free.


In addition, 88% of consumers say they are frustrated by the process of using digital content, with 36.5% citing content rebuffering as their top issue.



Figure 75: What is the most frustrating challenge you face with digital content?


With global consumers increasingly dependent on digital technology in their daily lives, it is more important than ever for content distributors and manufacturers of internet-connected devices to provide the best possible online experiences in order to meet the growing expectations.


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