Presidential Debate #2

Overall Viewership 27% Higher Than The Last Presidential Debate

Blog Post by Jen Wiese, Content Marketing Manager

October 23rd, 2020

The final Presidential debate between Trump vs Biden drew strong, sustained viewership from a wide range of “Swing States”—indicating that more people, in more states, are paying attention as the race heads into the final stretch.


Limelight Networks delivered live streams for all the recent political events (from the first presidential debate to the VP debate), and our data shows that Americans are closely following the election and tuned-in and stayed tuned-in for this debate even more so than the first debate.


Overall viewership numbers were on par with the first Presidential debate for the first 20 minutes, then spiked slightly higher, and remained consistent through the night. Other key takeaways:

  • ◾ More viewers tuned-in to the pre-debate stream vs the first debate—on average 9% more viewers watched
  • ◾ Most viewers tuned in on Smart TVs (44%), followed by mobile devices (34%) and web browsers (22%)
  • ◾ Oregon, Utah, DC and Delaware posted the highest streaming traffic and “Swing States” Colorado, Virginia, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Florida also showed strong traffic


Voters are choosing to stay informed up to the last minute. Stay tuned here for the traffic trends on election day!