Gold and Silver Online Content


Some of your online content is pure gold—your hit streaming videos or top file downloads, for example. You want to deliver your gold content with gold performance, fast and responsive for every user.


You also may have “silver” content, which is not accessed as often and doesn’t need the very best delivery performance—and is a good candidate for stretching your budget.


Limelight recently introduced a new cost-effective class of Origin Storage that’s perfect for those situations. It’s called the Infrequent Access class.

  • What is Origin Storage, and When Does It Matter?

  • A Content Delivery Network (CDN) accelerates popular content by placing it closer to users, in edge servers near the edges of the network. When a user requests a piece of content, it can be delivered much faster if it’s found in a nearby edge cache site (often called a cache hit). But what happens when the content isn’t in edge cache (a cache miss)? In those cases, the CDN needs to retrieve the content from origin storage. The difference in performance can be virtually unnoticeable, or dramatically slower depending on where the server is located and the intervening network conditions.

Gold Content Deserves Gold-Standard Storage

For your critical content, you want retrieval from origin storage to rival the speed of retrieval from cache. If you settle for ordinary storage, your gold content could get muddy delivery. So what’s the gold standard in origin storage?


It’s called the Standard class of Limelight Origin Storage, but there’s nothing ordinary about it. It’s the highest-performance CDN origin storage in the industry, up to 200% faster than ordinary cloud storage. In many cases, there’s a barely noticeable drop in performance vs. serving direct from cache.


How is such performance possible? Content is replicated to three separate locations. Locations are carefully chosen based on regional policies you select, so your content is close to your audience. Limelight automatically retrieves from the fastest location. Plus, a high-speed private network ensures the fastest point-to-point connections. And over 900 peering agreements for fast handoff to the last-mile network.


But, Standard Origin Storage is too much for some scenarios that don’t really need premium multi-region content replication and ultimate performance, or for content that isn’t accessed frequently.

Silver Storage for your Silver Content

Limelight Infrequent Access is the new kid on the block. It balances price and performance, and is ideal for scenarios where cost pressure is higher and strong performance is still required. For content that’s accessed once a month or less, the cost savings can be significant. Infrequent Access features low-cost storage-at-rest, plus modest retrieval charges that only come into play when the content is retrieved from storage.


By storing content in only one region, cost can be reduced. Performance is still strong, as Limelight’s private network connects all nodes, bypassing internet congestion for enhanced performance. Due to the private network, Limelight Infrequent Access is often faster than ordinary cloud storage. Yet with onsite redundancy, high availability is still assured.


Here are some examples of situations where Limelight’s Infrequent Access class may make sense:

  • • Applications that don’t need the highest performance
  • • Applications that don’t need multi-region footprint
  • • Content that is accessed once a month or less
  • • The application is highly price-sensitive

Limelight Storage is Built for Content Delivery

Both classes of Limelight Origin Storage share a common pedigree: cloud storage that is designed for the unique needs of content delivery. It provides low latency, superior performance, high availability and automation for CDN workflows including video-on demand, file distribution, gaming delivery, and web acceleration, and is ideal for multi-CDN environments.


All Limelight Origin Storage includes:


Intelligent Ingest provides easy, automatic migration from current origin. There are two modes of Intelligent Ingest:

  • Load on Demand
  • Automates upload based on audience requests. As users request content that isn’t in the Orchestrate Platform, it’s automatically retrieved from current origin and delivered – and also stored in Limelight Origin Storage for future requests.
  • Manifest Upload
  • Automates upload based on a list of content. You can migrate all your content, or just a selected portion of it, without major interruption to your workflow.


Limelight’s storage features milliseconds response time, transit over Limelight’s private fiber backbone, and tight integration within the CDN to ensure fast delivery. Your retrieval from storage bypasses internet congestion for significantly faster end-to-end performance.


Designed to be robust and available, all Limelight storage offerings will ensure that your content is always on hand, on demand.


Whatever storage profiles you need for your content delivery, Limelight has a solution for you. Limelight Origin Storage has long been known as the gold standard in content delivery storage. Now with the introduction of Infrequent Access, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than the optimum choice for your gold and your silver content.




For more information, please visit Limelight Origin Storage on the web or request a free trial.