Limelight Realtime Streaming Takes Centre Stage at IBC 2018

Blog Post by Nathalie Hoch

September 25, 2018

For an exhibitor at IBC, the time before the show floor opens is special. Long lines of people wait for the doors to open to the RAI exhibition halls to see tomorrow’s trends and technologies, relevant to anyone in the media and broadcast industry.


At Friday 10:30 AM sharp, we turned on the LED lights of our stand to share our big product announcement with everyone attending IBC and introduced Limelight Realtime Streaming which enables live sub-second streaming.



To demonstrate what we have achieved with Limelight Realtime Streaming, we had two on-site demonstrations.


A video camera was set up in the Limelight stand where we streamed live video from the RAI to Los Angeles and Frankfurt, and back to the RAI. While standing in front of the camera and waving at it, visitors could see video of themselves streaming half-way around the world and back—with less than one second latency.


Of course, it’s not just about achieving sub-second latency. Once you have realtime streaming, how can you develop interactive experiences that engage global audiences in ways that were not previously possible?


The second part of our demo highlighted how Limelight Realtime Streaming enables business opportunities, some of which you probably haven’t even thought of. For instance, your viewers can now choose between multiple camera angles of a race all being streamed at the same time. Or, if multiple matches are taking place at the same time, no problem! Your viewers can watch them all (at the same time).


Now, viewers at home can have an even richer experience than viewers on broadcast as they can now decide what to watch and can make use of the multiple choices. Other capabilities could even include live-chat on multiple devices, such as tablets or your mobile device. With the demo, we were even able to show how Limelight Realtime Streaming supports opportunities for in-game sports betting. With the sub-second latency, bets can now be placed until the very last second!


In addition to showing capabilities from a viewer’s perspective, we also demonstrated capabilities for content distributors and broadcasters including inserting a mid-roll ad in a video stream and simultaneously inserting text overlays on tablets and TV screens.


The importance of sub-second latency to the broadcast and media community was highlighted by two awards that were received for Limelight Realtime Streaming during IBC:

  • The IABM BaM award, which recognizes game-changers from a wide cross-section of enterprises
  • The TVBEurope Best of Show Award, that honours innovation and outstanding product development in Production & Post, Content Management and Delivery




Receiving the two awards were definitely among our favourite moments during this year’s IBC.


Besides all the exciting show highlights, we certainly won’t forget the great time we had with our guests at the Limelight broadcaster dinner that we hosted during IBC. Thank you to everyone who attended.


Whereas it’s time to wrap up IBC for this year, we have only just hit the ground running with Limelight Realtime Streaming. There will be plenty of opportunities to either see one of our live demos, or just contact us directly to find out more about how interactive live sub-second streaming can help your business.


Goodbye IBC, see you again next year!