Limelight Networks Takes Livestreaming to the Next Level

CharlieK Headshot

Blog Post by Charlie Kraus, Senior Product Marketing Manager

November 20, 2020

People everywhere are watching online video to get in on the action – for live sports, gaming, auctions and the list goes on. But latency can be big turn-off. According to last month’s “State of Online Video 2020” report, the majority of online video viewers (64%) say that they would be more likely to stream an event if the event isn’t delayed from the broadcast.


There’s good news today for those viewers and all streaming fans. Limelight’s award-winning Limelight Realtime Streaming now offers increased global scalability and bi-directional data sharing. It delivers video streams in less than a second and brings interactivity to live events, which opens up a world of possibilities for how viewers interact with each other and with content distributors.


Limelight Realtime Streaming mobile and HTML SDKs provide easy integration of online auction, gambling, and in-event sports wagering applications with Limelight’s massive global private network, delivering global audience reach and scale to support the largest events.


Now sports fans can bet on in-game outcomes while the game is being played; auction bidders can participate through a livestream and have a “just like being there” experience like those on-site; online casinos can let players see table action instantly so they and place bets more quickly and play more hands.


As online video has quickly grown in popularity, performance expectations have increased as well. New technologies such as Limelight Realtime Streaming enable innovative new ways to engage audiences across the globe. Live events are truly live with the lowest possible latency and with interactive experiences that were never before possible.


Sub second video delivery. Data sharing. High quality. It’s a winning combination for viewers, and it can create new business opportunities as well. See here for more information on Limelight Realtime Streaming.