Limelight and Linode: Partners in Edge Computing

Blog Post by David Tipping, Strategic Business Development Director

October 15, 2018

Edge computing is an architecture that brings processing power from a central location to the network’s edge, closer to end users. This dramatically reduces latency (delay) since data doesn’t have to wind its way through the internet and back to a central location. Content is delivered fast. But because it’s still in its early days, the link between edge and the business value it creates isn’t always obvious. Now, the link becomes clearer as Linode and Limelight partner to help businesses grow their global online presence by improving application performance and accessibility around the world.

Edge Computing and the User Experience

The number of devices creating data is growing at a rapid rate. Mobile handsets, IoT devices, body cameras, and drones are just a few of the smart devices being deployed globally. Behind each of these devices is a business plan predicated on the notion that all the data collected will be analyzed to get actionable insights in a timely manner.


Increasingly, the user experience is tied to how fast the solution can crunch datasets and provide meaningful results. This is where edge computing comes in. It improves the user experience by shortening the time between data acquisition and business action.

Together, We Deliver

For the last fifteen years, Limelight Networks and Linode have been on separate paths in highly competitive markets, but with common goals. Both companies are focused on delivering a superior end user performance and providing customers with support around the clock. Now, together, we deliver the tools and support necessary to develop and deploy applications on a global scale while never losing sight of the fact that the customer experience will determine market adoption and growth.

How Does the Limelight/Linode Partnership Benefit Customers?

Limelight’s edge compute eliminates delays inherent in using traditional cloud computing environments for low latency IoT and realtime applications. Linode provides compute, storage, backup, and load-balancing services -- enabling organizations to build and manage a global infrastructure at scale. Together, we’ll enable a ready-made solution that will empower developers and business owners to deploy their applications globally, NOW. Our promise to the market is to provide global reach with network and compute combined with personalized, human support.


See our press release for more details on the Limelight and Linode partnership.