Limelight and Ericsson: New Content Delivery and Edge Cloud Partners

Blog Post by Ersin Galioglu, Vice President Strategic Initiatives

October 24, 2018

As Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Limelight, I’ve seen and been involved in many amazing partnership opportunities. Our news this month is no exception. Limelight is joining forces with Ericsson to help accelerate content delivery and edge cloud adoption. Under terms of the agreement, we’ll deploy and manage our content delivery capabilities onto the Ericsson Unified Delivery Network (UDN). We’ll also install our software technology on UDN’s existing and future PoPs, which will expand Limelight’s footprint delivery capabilities globally and increase our delivery capacity in strategic areas for our customers.


This partnership benefits everyone—Ericsson, Limelight, Service Providers and most importantly, our customers. Our customers’ content will get the benefit of being inside the carriers’ network with the great quality and performance they come to expect from Limelight. It’s also important to note that Ericsson is an industry leader in the deployment of 5G, which will help our customers as the 5G deployments accelerates. The foundation of this partnership also provides future collaboration opportunities for edge cloud services.


I’m extremely excited with our partnership and the future that is possible as we get our implementation going. I’ll provide more updates as we progress on our deployment. In the meantime, see our press release for more details.