Blog Post by Eveline Carr and Charlie Russell

March 26, 2020

Customers give Limelight high marks for the quality and capacity of our video delivery and content delivery services. They’ve also been asking for more powerful tools to empower their developers. Limelight has made great progress and would like to invite you to explore a special customer-only preview of the new no-cost Limelight Developer Central.


Not a developer? Please feel free to forward to developers in your organization.


We’ve taken on the challenge across multiple dimensions — SDKs, sample code and OpenAPI documentation, plus an innovative API Explorer and an online community that’s your one-stop shop for resources and answers to your questions. In this blog, we want to provide a quick tour of the program and help you get started.

Use Cases

Here are just some of the potential use cases for empowering your developers with Limelight’s new Developer Central:

  • ■ Service monitoring and analytics — automate the collection of real-time data for monitoring and analytics purposes
  • ■ Content Security — manage security certificates
  • ■ Access Control — manage access by IP address and geography
  • ■ Reporting — automatically collect information you need and insert it into reports you use to manage your business
  • ■ Direct management of services — configure services directly via API calls
  • ■ Content management — purge stale content
  • ■ Storage management — manage your origin storage
  • ■ Integration — connect information and controls directly into software tools and portals you already use

Quick Start

Developers interested in learning more can follow these steps.

1. Request a login from your company admin

To make the most of this customer-only preview, you’ll need a Limelight Control login. Your basic login credentials will give you access to the Developer Central and API Explorer. You’ll also get an API key (viewable from “My Account” in the Control portal) to issue API requests. You can request a login from the Limelight admin within your organization.

2. Visit Developer Central

Limelight Developer Central is your one-stop resource for information, documentation, experts to answer your questions, a forum to engage with other developers, and more. (Note: You must be logged into Control to access Developer Central.)

3.Check out API Explorer

If you haven’t already visited the interactive API Explorer from Developer Central, here’s a direct link to Limelight API Explorer. API Explorer offers a range of options to learn more and to interact live.


We’ll provide more detail in future installments of this blog. For more information please visit https://www.limelight.com/.