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Limelight Origin Storage Services are the ultimate solution for the unique needs of CDN origin storage. Below are some case studies that highlight how Limelight customers are using this high-performance, high-availability, highly automated storage to solve business challenges.

The first set of five case studies represent a sampling of different applications where content delivery can benefit from high-quality origin storage. Below are additional case studies featuring Limelight Origin Storage Services.


Streaming audio on any device




Read the Napster Case Study



Scaling Globally To Expand and Meet Increasing Customer Demand.


As Napster increases its subscriber base and expands into more regions around the world, they want to ensure a high quality listening experience everywhere. Both of these goals present unique challenges to ensure flawless streaming on every Internet device.


The Limelight Orchestrate Platform with Content Delivery and Origin Storage Services.


Through the Limelight Orchestrate Content Delivery and Origin Storage services Napster is able to consistently deliver millions of songs to customers in milliseconds, across a wide variety of connected devices anywhere in the world.


By utilizing both the Orchestrate Content Delivery and Origin Storage Services, Napster is able to place its vast library of more than 40 million songs closer to the end-user, resulting in improved speed of delivery globally and a high quality listening experience.

Coach Guitar

E-learning video tutorials




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Handling increased global demand for tutorial downloads.


Coach Guitar recently exceeded 3 million downloads. Their typical traffic of 2000-3000 downloads per day has grown to surpass 40,000 downloads per day. In addition, their customers’ experience and ability to learn demands that there is no type of lag or delay in the video.


The Limelight Orchestrate Delivery and Origin Storage Services.


Coach Guitar chose Limelight for many reasons, including scale, global reach, Origin Storage, high performance, support, and multi-device distribution.


With a library of over 300 lessons, they have a storage solution that serves up tutorials in the fastest and most efficient way possible.


File download




Read the Sophos Case Study



Meet the Demand for Publishing Security Updates every 4 Hours, 365 days a year to tens of millions of endpoints. Meet the needs for its growing business and the increasing complexity of providing leading IT security solutions.


The Limelight Orchestrate Delivery and Origin Storage Services.


Alastair Pooley chose the Limelight Orchestrate Delivery and Origin Storage services for many reasons, including extensive testing, seamless migration, world-class customer support, global reach and scale, and cost containment.


Limelight’s Orchestrate Delivery and Origin Storage solutions scale on demand which provides a much more attractive cost model.

VOD Factory

Video on Demand




Read the VOD Factory Case Study



To keep up with customer demand, VOD Factory needed a digital delivery solution optimized for MPEG DASH adaptive streaming so that video could be used in many locations in order to drive international business development. The goal was to efficiently deliver video content to customers in France and in other French-speaking territories while managing spikes in demand.


The Limelight Orchestrate Delivery and Origin Storage Services.


VOD Factory now has a powerful cloud-based solution that reduces content publishing complexity and speeds time-to-market, while also improving the availability, performance, scalability, and protection to efficiently deliver digital video content. Important features to VOD Factory include near-instant purging, scalability, and broadcast quality.


Limelight’s Origin Storage reduces latency and provides the best quality experience for VOD Factory viewers.

Washington State Bar Association

Video and audio education




Read the Washington State Bar Association Case Study



Deliver Audio and Video Content to a Diverse Audience. Superbly delivered on-demand video and audio, available at any time of day, on any device and wherever they are. Ensure that members have an easy-to-use, consistent viewing experience with a common look and feel to access on-demand digital products. Streamline a disruptive, slow, expensive workflow, and accelerate the often five-month delay from production to availability.


The Limelight Orchestrate Delivery, Video Delivery and Origin Storage Services.


“Limelight streamlines our workflows, improves the product that we are delivering and at a price point that lets us reinvest into the education of our members” - Michael Jorgensen, Web Production Manager. The integrated solution that Limelight offers not only streamlines workflows and frees up employee resources but also reduces costs that can be used toward continued production of continuing legal education content and growth.


With the Limelight Orchestrate platform, Washington State Bar Association has a single solution for all of its online audio/video, delivery and storage needs and can deliver the best possible educational experience to WSBA’s members.

More Storage Case Studies

Here are more case studies that feature Limelight Origin Storage.


Streaming video


Origin Storage can ingest and stage content locally to ensure high availability and increase the speed of delivery.


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Chili S.p.A

Video on Demand


Limelight Orchestrate Delivery and Storage Services provide high quality, reliable global delivery. Chili is able to reach users anywhere, regardless of the device or the Internet provider they use.


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Online seminars


To optimize for digital distribution of previously recorded content, Gaitame.com implemented Limelight’s Origin Storage Services. Together with the Limelight CDN they report that content delivery is now as stable as a real-time face-to-face seminar.


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ICV Digital Media

Live Events


In order to help clients deliver and monetize content, ICV needed a high performance cloud storage solution that allowed content to reside as close to its audience as possible.


Read the Case Study


Broadcast-quality OTT video delivery at global scale.


High-performance Origin Storage allows content to reside as close to its audience as possible.


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Online Games


Limelight’s Orchestrate Content Delivery and Origin Storage services decreased loading time for Plarium’s gamers by over 200 percent.


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Software downloads and customer support delivery.


“Since we introduced Limelight Origin Storage Services, we’ve been able to replicate and deliver content in each region. Our users in the U.S., Europe, Asia and beyond can access content from a server close to their own location. If a cache miss occurs, the content is delivered from the nearest cloud server in the network, ensuring reliable and fast content access from any locale.” - Hiroshige Kamakura, Section Manager


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