Get an Edge on Innovation with EdgeFunctions


Blog Post by Charlie Russell, Senior Product Marketing Manager

September 9th, 2020

After extensive development and successful completion of our customer trial program, Limelight’s new distributed serverless computing capability at the network edge -- EdgeFunctions -- is now publicly available to customers.


With EdgeFunctions now available, improving online experiences, workflows and customized content delivery just got easier for developers. EdgeFunctions is ideally suited to streaming video and content delivery use cases such as personalized streaming, access control, dynamic ad insertion, content protection, A/B testing, and image manipulation. Solution providers can also leverage EdgeFunctions, such as the NexGuard Streaming forensic watermarking technology by NAGRA discussed in the announcement.


Developers can now tap into the power of Limelight’s global network with the flexibility to deploy and run their own code. Functions are globally available and run in the same locations as Limelight’s Content Delivery Network -- closest to where content requests are received -- which ensures the lowest possible latency for code execution and delivers optimal user experiences.


This means developers don’t have to worry about the underlying infrastructure such as provisioning and managing servers or runtimes, which can be costly and time consuming. Instead, they’re able to concentrate on what they do best: writing and deploying code. Limelight takes care of everything else!


Other benefits? Take a look:

  • ● EdgeFunctions ensures lowest possible latency for code execution and therefore optimal user experiences.
  • ● Companies only pay for the amount of compute resources they consume – there is no upfront investment.
  • ● Limelight manages all operational aspects of EdgeFunctions including software updates and security patches.
  • ● EdgeFunctions provides customers with the scale and reach required to reach a global market – the same way customers rely on Limelight for content delivery services.


EdgeFunctions is our latest example of driving and developing innovation that delivers the highest performing content delivery and edge services solutions. Our EdgeCompute options include serverless, virtual machine and bare metal solutions, providing edge compute capabilities how and where customers need them. Just last month, we introduced Developer Central, a one-stop resource center that gives developers an array of tools to easily manage, monitor and integrate Limelight services. In future blogs, we’ll dig into use cases, technical details, developer information and more.


For more information, please visit the EdgeFunctions web page or watch the 5 Ways Edge Compute Can Help You Today webinar.