Limelight DDoS Attack Interceptor Service Enhanced With On-Network Traffic Scrubbing


Data from Limelight’s State of Cybersecurity Report shows consumers are very concerned about the security of ecommerce sites, with 72% saying they have a negative opinion of a brand after hearing that it has suffered a cyberattack. In addition, 51% of online websites feel they are vulnerable to attacks that could have significant financial and brand implications, despite having protections already in place.


To help organizations protect against attacks, we’re excited to announce enhancements to Limelight DDoS Attack Interceptor (DAI), part of our comprehensive Cloud Security Services suite. The multi-layer solution offers protection from even the largest and most complex DDoS attacks putting a stop to impacting website performance. DAI provides layers of defense, including detection of malicious traffic, proactive notification, and scrubbing of traffic.


DAI now has on-network scrubbing centers, integrated into Limelight’s global network. These deliver faster mitigation by using high capacity network links to send traffic to multiple regional scrubbing centers, and because traffic does not have to travel off the Content Delivery Network (CDN) to be scrubbed, and back to the CDN for delivery. This maintains high performance even while under attack, and provides more customer choice in levels of mitigation as well as pricing. The below map shows the location of core nodes where scrubbing centers are located.



Multiple DDoS attack detection and prevention options make it easy to choose the appropriate level of protection. In addition to the current standard DAI offering, Limelight now has two additional DDoS protection levels:

  • An entry-level offering with integrated monitoring and per-mitigation pricing is available to monitor the frequency of DDoS attacks and be prepared to respond when necessary.
  • A premium offering with unlimited mitigations is available for organizations that want the assurance of mitigating multiple DDoS attacks for a fixed price


All levels include multiple detection locations at the edge of the CDN for faster detection, and attack mitigation by a dedicated 24x7 security operations center.


To make it easy for organizations that are not currently protected by a DDoS solution to monitor the frequency of attacks and quickly respond when necessary, customers who sign up for Limelight’s per-incident DDoS mitigation protection will receive their first DDoS mitigation free of charge for a limited time.


For more information on DDoS Attack Interceptor, read the press release.