COVID-19: An Update from Bob Lento


Blog Post by Bob Lento, CEO, Limelight Networks

July 27th, 2020

As the situation around the COVID-19 pandemic continues, our paramount concern remains the health and safety of our employees and customers. We’re here to help – ready and able to support your increasing online traffic demands for every type of online content


Limelight plays an important role in supporting the digital experiences of people under isolation around the world, and the services we provide are now more important than ever. Delivering great experience for our customers no matter what – is what we do. That’s one part technology and one part people, and it takes both to shine during times like these.


Since activating our pandemic response plan in early March, we’ve taken several steps to maintain high-quality services for our customers. A dedicated team of senior leaders across our company are closely monitoring developments and taking swift and effective action in response to any changing circumstances resulting from COVID-19. These include:


  • ◾ Leveraging our fully redundant infrastructure and systems, allowing our employees to work remotely while ensuring security and access to all the tools needed to operate the Limelight network.
  • ◾ Developing extensive backup and coverage plans with three layers of backups to cover critical job functions should any of our employee become ill.
  • ◾ Keeping in close contact with our business-critical partners to ensure business continuity across regions.
  • ◾ Working with our hundreds of ISP partners to help manage, prioritize, and reroute traffic whenever required.


Limelight is proud to operate one of the world’s largest and most interconnected private networks. Our network is fully redundant and includes extensive diversity through data center and telecommunications suppliers within and across regions. We’ve built out significant additional capacity and employ sophisticated quality of service and congestion control techniques to mitigate negative effects under extraordinary conditions like these.


Our sales and support teams are always here to assist you, and we encourage you to reach out at any time. We’re committed to being there when you need us most.