Cashing In On the Biggest Sales of the Year

Blog Post by Jaheer Abbas, Sr. Director Of Sales

September 2019

Singles’ Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the most highly anticipated online sales events in the second half of the year. In 2018, sales on Singles’ Day doubled in Singapore compared to 2017, with the average spending per shopper up by 36 per cent1.


2019 will be no different, and preparation for these events are already on the minds of most e-commerce businesses. Aside from considering the budget for marketing campaigns, e-retailers also need to focus on providing the best user experience throughout the shopper’s journey from app launch to payment. Afterall, shoppers today are short on one currency – patience.


With consumers becoming increasingly impatient with slow websites and lagging apps, making them wait is not an option. Performance issues and unplanned downtime can significantly impact user experience, directly translating into lost sales, reputation damage, and increased customer acquisition cost. To maximize customer conversion and revenue, e-retailers need to deliver not only the best possible user experiences, but also personalized experiences on any device, wherever and whenever. Novel ways to enhance user experience and increase engagement are gaining popularity, such as live commentary, videos, and other rich media to bring a static product to life and help shoppers see the product in action prior to purchase.


It is also essential for e-retailers to focus on the speed of delivering images of products, pricing information to end-users, and that includes content dynamically generated through behavioral content targeting. To accelerate dynamic content, e-retailers need to work with CDN providers who have a sophisticated network that can speed up the delivery of the dynamic content on a global scale to help the brand stay ahead of the competition and retain loyal customers.


1 https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/singles-day-sales-spore-doubled-year-shopbacks-data