Sports Pro Report Underlines Importance Of CDNs In Live Sports Streaming

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By: Charles Kraus, Senior Product Marketing Manager

March 18, 2021

Game On! CDNs Take Live Sports Video To The Next Level

Live sports were benched for most of 2020 but are back and better than ever, thanks to an unlikely Most Valuable Player (MVP): Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

In a new report just released from SportsPro, in collaboration with Limelight and Harmonic, you’ll get up to speed on how viewing habits have changed and how leading streamers such as DAZN, BetClic and Arsenal are using CDNs to deliver a broadcast-quality experience.

The report, “CDNs: Delivering the next generation of live sports content” includes:

  • Stories from real-life sports use cases
  • Data from Limelight’s “State of Online Video” research
  • Insights on what’s driving viewership habits now
  • A comparison of push vs pull for content delivery
  • Technical solutions to live sports latency issues
  • If you’re looking for a better understanding of how sports viewing is changing and the important role that a CDN can play, download the report now—it’s yours with our compliments.