Learn how Limelight’s Award Winning Realtime Streaming can create great interactive video experiences.

Fast. Reliable. Secure.

Whether you’re delivering online video, web content, application or IoT data, the experience has to be fast, reliable and secure. Limelight’s edge cloud platform provides a unique combination of global private infrastructure, intelligent software, and expert support services that enable current and future workflows and put audience experience first.

50 Tbps

egress and ingress capacity & 100GbE private backbone


realtime live streaming

105+ Global

Points of Presence

Direct connections to

1,000+ ISPs

Integrated cloud-based

DDoS, WAF and Bot Management protection

Video Delivery

Live + VOD media management and packaging for delivering broadcast-quality video to any screen

Content Delivery

Fast, available and secure delivery of digital content to any device, anywhere

Edge Cloud

A fully-integrated set of scalable, low-latency, high-performance distributed edge services that help you solve any IoT challenge

Cloud Security

Comprehensive suite of services to secure your digital assets and protect your infrastructure

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Market Research: The State of Digital Lifestyles – 2019

Digital technology permeates our daily lives, and nowhere has it had a greater impact than how we communicate and access entertainment.

Press Release: July 30th, 2019 - State of Digital Lifestyles Report

Global consumers overwhelmingly agree that online digital technology has positively impacted their lives

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