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Limelight’s edge-services platform gives you the power to quickly create and deploy extraordinary digital experiences anywhere. Everything—streaming video, sub-second sites, mobile applications, music, software, games, APIs—runs faster, better, safer on Limelight.

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Exceptional Online Video Streaming

Grow and retain your online video audience with our live and on-demand video delivery services. We deliver your OTT video to virtually any device, anywhere in the world, with broadcast-quality streams and the lowest rebuffer rates in the industry.

Robust File & Software Downloads

Accelerate download speeds and exceed user expectations for a fast, flawless experience with our download solution. We protect your origin from being overwhelmed with requests for files and software so you can deliver a consistently high-speed experience, regardless of demand.

Build Fast Websites Faster

Limelight’s Layer0 solution empowers web developers to build fast websites faster. An advanced platform streamlines workflows and offers sub-second page loads by extending the edge all the way to the browser and integrating edge logic into developers’ code.

Service Provider Solutions

Reduce high content transit costs, expand delivery capacity, and share revenue for off-net traffic delivered through your network with a smarter caching solution. We improve your performance by caching content close to users, and if you own content, ensure high-performance delivery. You can have a fully managed CDN as an extension of a global CDN, giving you greater flexibility.

Comprehensive Security Services

Protect against malicious website attacks and unauthorized content access with our comprehensive suite of protection measures. We offer a scalable range of cloud security solutions that protect your infrastructure and your content without impacting performance.

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