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Solutions for Your Challenges

We understand that your industry or your role may have specific challenges. Regulations? Complex workflows? A way of interacting with digital audiences that's different from other industries? That's why we orchestrated solutions for different industries. Don't see your industry? Don't see your role? Don't worry. Just drop us a line and we'll work with you to tailor a Limelight Orchestrate solution to meet your unique requirements.

Limelight Solutions by Industry

  Print Publishing

We'll cover you while you're gunning for the four Ms: Monetization, Multi-platform, Multi-channel, and Multimedia.

  • Video content management and distribution on steroids.
  • Mobile delivery everywhere.
  • Blazing fast performance.


Your Story. Everywhere. And A Lot Faster.

  • Web content management without the wait.
  • Automated social amplification.
  • Integrated video management - your secret sauce for better engagement.


Stop putting a bandage on your digital experience. Start using an integrated platform to drive online engagement.

  • Video management and distribution that reaches them where it counts.
  • Complete content control across all digital channels.
  • Powerful tools for non-technical users.

  Financial Services

Your story means money. And money won't wait.

  • 24/7 availability of your digital content on any mobile device.
  • Relevant, personalized content, replete with rich media, that engages savvy audiences, builds loyalty, and extends your brand.
  • Insights into your audience's thirst for your knowledge.


The new era of digital media. Done better. Done easier. Done faster. OTT? Walled Garden? If it's video, and it's digital, it's us and we rock it.

  • Video and content management that plays well with others.
  • Digital content delivered at the speed of wow.
  • The badassest cloud storage in the cumulus layer.

  Public Sector

These days, fulfilling your mission requires a new kind of technology toolkit.

  • High performance and content availability across every device
  • Content and video publishing tools that restore control
  • Secure, scalable cloud storage and content delivery solutions

Limelight Solutions by Role

We've all got a job to do.

Titles don't matter, you deliver whether the chips are down, or up. Whatever you do, we're committed to help you do it better.


There's so much "digital noise" out there, vying for the attention of your audience. If you don't get your message in front of them, and engage them through it, you are going to lose your audience to your competitors.


You've got your own set of challenges to face like ensuring innovation and developing business intelligence through all the technology that you are implementing - especially mobile and big data.


Although you shoulder a heavy burden in today's enterprise, you constantly expand it, bringing together process and technologies that "amplify the human ability" in your company.

Digital Executive

The digital experience. People talk about it a lot like it's a concept rather than something tangible. But you know better. You know that your digital experience is the cornerstone to the success of your organization.

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