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Video is critical to effective audience engagement. But publishing and delivering it can get complicated fast with multiple formats, mobile devices, security, transcoding, and more. The answer is Limelight Orchestrate Video, which provides an easy to use, one-stop solution that does it all—manage, publish, deliver, monetize, and analyze.

With everything from off-the-shelf players to automatic format conversion, Limelight puts your video content front and center, on any device, anywhere in the world… and puts you in total control of your user experience and your brand. What's more, you can test how easy it is in just seconds with a free trial

Orchestrate Video is a cloud-based video platform to manage and publish online videos to every screen. From desktop to mobile, boardroom to living room, via connected devices and smart TVs, it’s the way your audience wants to view your content. You get easy-to-use workflow tools, automated conversion to any device format, a built-in and customizable player to match any website, and powerful analytics and integration APIs. Everyone—from your marketing team to developers—can easily leverage its power and reach to convert audiences and maximize content revenue.

  • Publish breaking news with lightning speed using ZTP (zero time to publish)
  • Transcode, deliver, and stream in the most popular formats
  • Host content where your users are for high performance
  • Brand your player and customize via easy UI and API
  • Integrate ads and analytics and easily manage metadata
  • Protect your content with advanced authentication methods and DRM
  • Deliver to all the right devices with Multi-device Media Delivery (HDS, HLS, MSS and more)
  • Syndicate to YouTube and social media platforms with seamless integration

Why Orchestrate Video?

Unlike other online video platforms, Orchestrate Video is easy to use. You choose a point-and-click interface or API to manage your workflow. Upload video, transform, add metadata, create channels, launch a player, integrate ads, and analyze the behavior of your viewers—all while removing the complexity of getting your video content to your users and their many devices.

And taking it further than any other online video platform has gone, Orchestrate Video is fully integrated with one of the world’s largest private delivery networks, the Limelight CDN, to ensure fast, global delivery of your content. Built-in cloud origin alleviates your storage headaches so you can focus on monetizing content, exciting fans, and attracting subscribers. All you have to do is upload your video; we’ll get it to your users in the right format, with the speed and quality that they expect.




Take the Feature Tour to see what makes Orchestrate Video so powerful. Or select a specific feature from the icons below.


Ease of Use

In order to generate the kind of impact with rich media that will make your story stick, you need a simple and effective way to manage it.

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When you upload your video, our service will automatically convert it to the formats you need. iPhone? Check. Flash player? Check. Xbox? Check.

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Organize your library with predefined fields like Title, Description, Genre, and Tags or create custom fields that are specific for your videos. It’s like a card catalog on steroids.

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Manage Your Library

Our browser-based management tool is intuitive and easy to use, utilizing simple point-and-click and drag-and-drop.

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Video Distribution

What's even easier than managing video in a web-based tool like Orchestrate Video? Yeah, you guessed right. Publishing it.

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Video Delivery

Our global infrastructure interconnects massive server centers that we own and control, ensuring the best quality, reliability, and load balancing for your media content.

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Not every story is the same. Nor every way to tell it. We provide you the opportunity to tell your story the way you want to by customizing the video playback experience.

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Video is a powerful component of your digital mix. But the point of having a unified online presence, an awesome online presence, is to have material impact on your business.

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With the integrated video analytics in Orchestrate Video, you'll be able to provide powerful visualizations of the impact of rich media in your story. Who's watching what, when, where.

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The numbers don't lie. Mobile video consumption is increasing dramatically as more users go mobile and incorporate multiple screens into their content lives.

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Link our video platform to other web technologies such as an existing content management solution, ad servers/network or analytics engine.

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We've integrated Orchestrate Video with our world-class delivery network and cloud storage services. Check it out.

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