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Your website has to be delivered fast. In fact, 250 milliseconds is all the time you’ve got before visitors start leaving. That’s why your web content needs to grab visitor attention in the blink of an eye. And Limelight Orchestrate Performance can make that happen.

Through unique middle-mile optimization and proprietary software, you can rest assured that your website will be delivered to your users at breakneck speeds no matter where they are in the world, no matter what device. Independent third-party tests prove that Limelight delivers the fastest. Don’t settle for a millisecond more.

Supercharge your content on every platform with our best-in-class optimization technologies. Advanced software detects the conditions of your end user’s environment—from browser to bandwidth—and adjusts delivery on the fly for optimum performance. On the network side, we employ boundary-breaking acceleration techniques across our private CDN that are not even imaginable on the public Internet. Finally, Orchestrate Performance combines multiple performance vectors: websites, web interfaces, and apps. For a better digital experience all around.

  • Drive visitor participation, conversion rates, and ad revenue
  • Scale to accommodate changing traffic patterns
  • Prioritize page loading based on viewer habits
  • Conserve valuable internal resources by offloading to us
  • Enforce business rules with an advanced policy engine
  • Connect to user access networks through our global network
  • Detect and optimize for mobile devices

Q&A: Strategies for a Faster Website


Why Orchestrate Performance?

Simply put, we’re the fastest. Independent tests prove that nobody can accelerate your content like Limelight. We apply three levels of patented technology to facilitate unparalleled performance: static object caching, dynamic content acceleration, and front end optimization. Your content gets delivered the way users want it: faster, with lower response times and greater predictability. It all happens on our private global infrastructure, built and maintained to ensure high availability, wherever your content needs to be.



Take the Feature Tour to see what makes Orchestrate Performance so powerful. Or select a specific feature from the icons below.


Global Private Network

Our private global infrastructure interconnects massive data centers via a fiber optic network that we fully control for the best quality, reliability, and availability.

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Adaptive Intelligence

We built context-aware brainpower into our platform that automagically adjusts to the conditions at hand in real time. So that every online interaction can be unique.

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Static Content Acceleration

It’s an unfair competitive advantage: a private, global, high velocity network with optimizations that send your content barreling toward users at astonishing speeds.

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Dynamic Content Acceleration

We don’t just deliver your dynamic content. We supercharge it with techniques that would melt the public Internet if we applied them there. Not that we need to.

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Front End Acceleration

Why stop optimizing once you reach your audience? Front end acceleration takes performance to the limit for every browser, connection, and object type you can imagine.

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Content Control

With our super smart policy engine and intelligent caching techniques, you can set rules to control your content: where it lives, for how long, and on which server.

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Actionable Analytics

Capture the data you need in standard and customizable reports to gather insights and make informed decisions about objects, bandwidth, storage, and more.

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Your rapidly evolving online presence requires elastic solutions that can be ratcheted up and scaled down instantaneously. We built our solutions with that reality in mind.

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Content Security

Nothing damages performance like a security threat. Send content safely and protect it after arrival with security features meant to keep your files out of the wrong hands.

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Mobile Acceleration

At Limelight, we welcome mobile: sites, apps, ads, you name it. We’re primed to help you navigate the explosive, ever changing mobile landscape faster and with fewer headaches.

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Traffic Director

Take a load off your infrastructure while improving end-user response times. We help you deliver your DNS traffic according to percentages that you define.

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We've integrated Orchestrate Delivery, Limelight's CDN, with the entire Orchestrate platform for one-stop online awesomeness. Check it out.

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