Feature Tour - Monetization


Make Money With Your Videos (Then Make More Money)

With a system like our video platform, the world of video monetization is your oyster. Push targeted ads in front of your video or after or even in the player. We support a variety of advertising formats including linear, non-linear, contextual, and ads in the video content. With integration to a number of ad networks, we make it easy for you to make money by setting rules, targeting options, and frequencies. Okay, we’ll wait a second for your applause to die down.





Ad Formats

Choose from a variety of advertising formats, including linear ads, non-linear ads, contextual based ads, and ads placed inside the video content.


Control and Targeting

Maintain full control over your advertising campaigns at both the video and channel level. Create targeting options, implement ad insertion policies, and adjust channel frequencies.


Ad Server and Network Integration

Easily connect to a number of leading ad servers and networks, including Adaptv, AdTech, Tremor Media, and more.


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