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Manage Your Library

Manager, producer, video editor? How about "All of the Above?"

Okay, so now you have videos ready for distribution. Big whoop if no one gets to see them. That’s why our video platform has all sorts of built in features to help you organize and manage your videos. Filter. Get details. View thumbnails. Sort. Search. You can even drag and drop from your collection into channels that you can publish directly to your player.

Publishing your content is as easy as one, two, three. One, style your video player for seamless video integration into the rest of your site. Two, set your distribution settings such as syndication and viral sharing. Three, publish on your site by embedding the dynamically produced code. You're done!


Intuitive and Easy

Managing and maintaining your ever-expanding video library has never been easier. Our browser-based management tool is intuitive and easy to use, utilizing simple point-and-click and drag-and-drop.


Organization Made Simple

Our metadata properties greatly simplify content management. Organize your library with predefined fields like Title, Description, Genre, and Tags. For more advanced control you can create custom fields that are specific to your requirements. You can even update mutual metadata properties simultaneously by selecting multiple videos.


Viewing, Searching, and Filtering

View your library in either a Detail or Thumbnail view. Our unique ability to filter, sort, and search metadata (even custom fields!) greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of organizing your library. And to really speed things up, our search feature dynamically filters content as you type!


Painless Media Uploads and Migration

Accommodating large media uploads is simple and painless. Upload single or multiple videos directly from your browser. Have a large library? Create a batch and migrate your whole library all at once. Want to allow your affiliates to upload media directly from a site? Attach our upload widget to any site and allow seamless secure access. 


ChannelsGenerate a Playlist

Easily group your media by drag-and-dropping files to create a playlist. Attach players to your playlists that allow the user to visually select a video.





Video Clipper Tool

Have a long video that you want to break up into chapters? Or you just want to delete a short section? The Video Clipper lets you select a video from your library and create a new “clip” from the original.



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