Feature Tour - Video Distribution

Video Distribution

From your video library to, well, everywhere!

Our video platform makes it super simple to get your player (and your videos) onto your website. Just copy the embed code. But what about YouTube and other video sites? What about my users sharing on their blog and through Twitter? Well, we got your back on that one. Whether through the player or through the admin system, you have complete control over where your videos get viewed… and watched. Heck, you can even lock down where in the world they can get played.


Syndicate for Broader Reach

Syndicating content is another way to reach even more viewers. Easily distribute your videos to existing partners, affiliates, blogs and online portals like YouTube and iTunes.


Optimize Viewers' Experience

Give your users a rich experience by combining a styled player with the interactive ability to share content.


Make Your Videos Viral

Reach a broad audience of viewers. We provide the necessary tools to make your content viral. Easily turn on and off the features that allow sharing, like RSS feeds, e-mail to a friend, links, social sites like Facebook and Twitter, or even allow viewers to post your players on other sites.






You Control Who can View

Limelight gives you full control over who sees your content. Setup restriction rules to include or exclude viewers based on geography or domain.


Copy and Paste is all it Takes

Displaying the player on your site is as simple as copying and pasting the automatically generated embed code.


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