Feature Tour - Video Delivery

Video Delivery

Life is stressful enough without having to worry about your video delivery

Our video platform is integrated directly with Orchestrate Delivery and Orchestrate Performance, back with Limelight's content delivery network. That means each and every one of your videos is delivered on the same private network as companies like Disney and Netflix. Scalable, global, and adaptive, we have tons of awesome technological amazingness integrated right into the network so that your audience is watching your story… not a spinning little hourglass.


Content Delivery Network

Our global infrastructure interconnects massive server centers that we own and control, ensuring the best quality, reliability, and load balancing for your media content.





Adaptive Streaming

Orchestrate Video delivers the best video viewing experience possible for your users. The player automatically adjusts to the user's connection, delivering the highest possible quality at all times. See our platform page for adaptive streaming in action.


Safe and Secure

Know that your data is safe and secure. Our storage and delivery partners are the best in the business. We are are trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world to safeguard their important data.

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