Feature Tour - Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

You are the wizard behind the curtain Now!

Who’s watching your video? Do you know him? Who? No, him! Okay, we are a poor substitute for Abbot and Costello (since there’s really only one person writing this) but you get the point. You need real, meaningful data about who’s watching your videos, and where, and for how long, and lots of other things. That’s what you get with our video platform—a super intelligent system that would have made Hal 9000 jealous.





Visual Display of Video and Channel Reports

Visualize the power of your content. Graphically display key metrics, including video popularity, viewer engagement, unique searches, and viral sharing (embedding and emailing). Discover trends by tracking viewership over time. Graph data for single channels and videos or across multiple channels and videos.





Analytics Integration

Analyze the data your way. We provide the tools necessary to integrate with your existing analytics engine, such as Google Analytics, Nielsen, and Omniture.



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