Limelight Orchestrate Video - Feature Tour

Your Future Online Video Platform

Undressed in all its sexy web-based glory

What's worse than not having video as part of your story? Trying to have video as part of your story and using all the wrong tools to do it.

Let's face it, video is complicated—from different formats for all those mobile devices to monetizing it to integrating it with your website (and getting it delivered around the globe). And when you are focused on the technology and processes behind it, you can't focus on what's important.

Making awesome video.

But Limelight Orchestrate™ Video can help. With all of it. Yeah, you heard it right.

Uploading and converting to mobile. Managing in a cool, easy-to-use interface. Integrating ads. Pre-built players with channels. Syndication to third party sites like YouTube. And even analytics to give you the business intelligence you need to make sure your video is having the impact you expect. What's that, there's more? Yup. Integrated delivery on one of the world's biggest networks and even cloud storage for all those lovely videos with which you want your digital audience to engage.

All with just some button clicks and clicky-clacking on the ole keyboard. That's Orchestrate Video. Hey, what can we say? We live to over deliver.

And it all starts with just a web browser...


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