Mobile Enablement

Step away from the open window.

Getting your story to all those mobile devices is easier than you think.

Unmask the mobile mystery with Limelight's Mobile Solutions.

It looms over your head, haunting you. Spoiling birthday parties. Wrecking vacations. What is this specter that would make even Ebenezer Scrooge shake in his boots?

Get your story to mobile devices.

It seems that everyone has them. Even more than one. It’s an epidemic! Call the CDC!

And their expectation is that your digital presence will show up awesomely no matter what device they are using. Video. Webpages. And the instant it fails, you’ll hear about it on Facebook or see it in declining web traffic. So you spend time and energy tooling your website and content for each new device adding another layer of complexity to your already straining workflow. Just when you seem like you’ve got a handle on it? Another device pops up. And another. And another. You’re starting to feel like that Sisyphus guy in the Greek legends, doomed to push the boulder up the hill for all eternity only to have it roll back over you.

Well, time to step out of the way of that rolling stone. Limelight OrchestrateTM services wipes away mobile complexity like spraying 409 on a greasy stain. Integrated into many of the Orchestrate services are features to automatically convert your content into a format playable on the requesting device. Flash video to HLS for Apple devices. Web pages shrunk down for Blackberries. All automatically. Top that off with technology integrated into Orchestrate Content Delivery to optimize delivery to those tiny screens. It’s a technology sundae sure to get that mobile elephant off your chest. 

Is that a Mai Tai I see in your hand? One with a little umbrella sticking out? Go ahead, kick your feet up. You don’t have to worry about mobile anymore.

Click on a link below to learn more about how different Orchestrate services convert, format, and deliver your story to the mobile epidemic:

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