Aladdin Had a Genie to Support Him.

You Have Something Better. Us.

Your digital experiences are 24 x 7 (unless you’ve got a nifty way to notify all of your customers when to access your content). Across the globe, across devices, if your experiences fail to respond or perform as expected, you’re losing business. That means your website needs to load blazing fast. Your videos need to playback without buffering. And it all needs to happen automatically.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some magic up our sleeves. The Limelight Networks Operations team is a bunch of wizards when it comes to making sure the content and services that make up your digital experiences are always available…no matter where your audience is.

Wishing someone could help you publish your content through Orchestrate Video? Wish granted. How about when your users can’t connect to a video? Or how about removing objects from cache? Or maybe even creating new FTP accounts for FTP upload to storage? All of them (and some you don’t even need to ask)…granted.

Our Customer Support specialists, Premium Service gurus, and Advanced Service aces are all dedicated to providing the best possible service—whether you are just getting your digital experiences started or they are well established.


Welcome to Our Network Operations Center

Mission control. Ground zero. Call it what you want, but our network operations center is the beating heart of Limelight Networks. Staffed with some of the best digital wranglers this side of the Mississippi, our team keeps an “eagle eye” on everything—proactively maintaining the systems and network that enables the delivery, storage, and management of your digital experiences.


Need Help Right Now?

Stop rubbing your computer. There’s no genie in there for your digital experiences woes.

When you need a little magic to fix a problem with your content, one of our tools, or an end-user issue, just browse to our support portal at Log in with your credentials. Visit the “Support Tools” section.

And wish away. One of our support genies will get back to you faster than Scheherazade can finish that next story…




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