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Talk is cheap. Delivery is hard. There are very few global suppliers who have the muscle to get the job done right.  Limelight Orchestrate Content Delivery offers the unsurpassed power of our massive private, global network, backed by a team of experts who’ve proved they have what it takes to deliver the hottest new releases, the broadest operating system rollouts, and the biggest online events the world has ever seen.

Orchestrate Content Delivery delivers your content on one of the world's largest private CDNs. It’s connected directly to hundreds of user access networks globally for a faster, better experience every time a user requests your content: app, game, software, video, or just about any other object you'd want to deliver. Powerful software optimizes delivery for multiple HTTP and streaming protocols, while security services like geo-blocking, DRM, and tokenized authentication protect your content along the way. It's the same CDN that delivers the world's biggest online events and powers digital giants across industries, every day.

  • Deliver content on the world’s fastest network
  • Dramatically reduce latency and processing overhead
  • Easily customize configurations through an online control portal
  • Set logical business rules to control where, when, and how your content is delivered
  • Utilize industry-leading, real-time purge functionality from SmartPurge
  • Make key business decisions based on analytics, revealing object level and geo-specific data
  • Protect content using authentication, verification, SSL delivery and advanced access controls
  • Deliver to multiple devices with today’s most popular protocols including HTTP progressive download, RTMP, HLS, HDS, and MSS
  • Integrate with Orchestrate Cloud Storage for optimized cloud origin

The all-new SmartPurge functionality can execute purge requests immediately, at global scale, without the hassle and limitations of traditional CDN purging.


Why Orchestrate Content Delivery?

Limelight isn’t just one of the world’s largest networks. It's the best choice for your business: a super smart network that allows you to offload all the complexity of delivering great digital experiences. Even when the public Internet is congested, your content gets delivered.

With over 10 Tbps of egress capacity, we deliver events like Wimbledon and U.S. presidential elections, and traffic from the likes of Netflix. Our network is run by a group of world-class CDN engineers—the experts who ensure that content gets delivered flawlessly from anywhere, to everywhere. If support needs arise, we are available with 24/7/365 customer support. Orchestrate Content Delivery delivers your digital content… better… faster.



Take the Feature Tour to see what makes the Orchestrate Content Delivery network one of the most impressive networks in the world. Or select a specific feature from the icons below.


Global Private Network

Our private global infrastructure interconnects massive data centers via a fiber optic network that we fully control for the best quality, reliability, and availability.

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Adaptive Intelligence

We built context-aware brainpower into our platform that automagically adjusts to the conditions at hand in real time. So that every online interaction can be unique.

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Live event? OS update? New game release? Dynamic web content? No need to adjust your infrastructure every time your needs change. We have you covered.

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Our network is architected with a highly redundant network of superPOPs and microPOPs to ensure that your content is available: here, there, and everywhere.

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Content Control

With our super smart policy engine and intelligent caching techniques, you can set rules to control your content: where it lives, for how long, and on which server.

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Actionable Analytics

Capture the data you need in standard and customizable reports to gather insights and make informed decisions about objects, bandwidth, storage, and more.

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Content Security

You need a faster, more secure way to deliver content to your audience. Get off the scary, public access Internet highway before something crazy happens.

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Media Delivery

Your rich media on our content delivery network means your audience will be mesmerized by your incredible content, not that swirling buffer symbol standing in its way.

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Mobile Delivery

Are you keeping up with the proliferation of devices? We are. Laptops, tablets, consoles, IPTVs, smartphones… if it can get a signal, chances are we optimize delivery for it.

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Cloud Storage

Orchestrate Cloud Storage gives you global reach at local speed. Extend your internal IT resources, improve performance, add redundancy and maximize return on investment.

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Traffic Director

Take a load off your infrastructure while improving end-user response times. We help you deliver your DNS traffic according to percentages that you define.

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We've integrated Orchestrate Content Delivery with the entire Orchestrate platform for one-stop online awesomeness. Check it out.

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