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Cleveland Clinic Uses Video to Bring Warmth to Their Website Community Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education. Founded in 1921, it’s been consistently named as one of the nation’s top hospitals by U.S. News & World Report. As an organization dedicated to health education, research, and compassionate patient care, Cleveland Clinic strives to give patients, doctors, students easy access to health-related information. To upload and manage an ever- increasing number of videos files, Cleveland Clinic implemented Limelight Video Platform in January 2009. This end-to-end solution from Limelight Networks® enables the clinic to manage a library of 1000+videos. Many of these videos include doctors discussing various diseases and medical procedures—taking a soft, personal approach to providing information that helps increase a patient’s comfort level with his or her doctor. The site also presents surgical videos, a popular choice for patients who want a glimpse of a procedure that they will soon undergo. Other videos provide information about the clinic, highlighting its range of services for people all over the world.

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