Orchestrate | Limelight Networks



When it comes to web content acceleration, tests prove that Limelight is #1. Scale, reach, global availability. Limelight Networks technology is the “cloud behind the cloud” offering powerful functionality through private infrastructure and a flexible software platform.

The Network


Global Scale

With over 80 locations in 40+ global metro markets, the Limelight Network includes over 10 Tbps of egress capacity ensuring that your content is delivered even when there is a spike.

Private and Secure

The Limelight Network is a leased-wavelength network. We own the gear and manage pipes, keeping all the content we deliver off the public Internet, ensuring smooth and efficient delivery.


Multi-format Delivery

From RTMP to HTTP, the network includes an array of specialized media servers to deliver your content to any device, anywhere in the world.

Caching and Storage

Jam-packed with cache and origin storage, the network ensures that your content is delivered from storage that is as close to the user as possible.


Configuration Management

A web-based management console enables you to make configuration changes on the fly.

Delivery Optimization

Proprietary software optimizes every mile of the transaction journey—first, middle, and last—to assure that your content is delivered as quickly as possible.


Server Density

A dense architecture ensures that resources like storage, memory, and compute are available where the users are assuring a better delivery experience.

Rockstar Engineers

The network doesn’t run itself! These dedicated experts assure that your content gets where it’s supposed to and help you when your requirements are unique.



We are the first step in mitigating DDoS and other network-based attacks.


The Orchestrate Platform


Open Architecture

Through a robust API layer, Orchestrate is intended to be flexible. Programmatically, you can mold the platform to your unique needs.

Data Agnostic

The data that makes up your digital experience may come from a variety of sources. Orchestrate’s data plane and storage components accept data from any source so that you can deliver it however you want.


Third-party Support

Need to connect specialized software to meet your unique needs? The Orchestrate service module layer enables you to do that without disrupting the rest of the platform.

Fully Integrated

Each component of the Orchestrate platform is built to work together. From the data plane to control plane to the service modules themselves, Orchestrate is a complete solution for digital content delivery.


Deep Insights

Each of the current service modules includes powerful analytics that enable you to make the business decisions to ensure the best possible experience with your digital content.