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The Limelight Orchestrate™ Platform integrates the tools you need to deliver digital experiences to any device, anywhere in the world.  With Limelight Orchestrate™ v2.5.1, you can now better engage your digital audiences by providing consistent, high-performance digital experiences across all online touch points, mobile devices and geographies. Imagine it. One integrated solution to solve your needs around content delivery, web performance, video, and cloud storage. One platform. One solution.

The Limelight Orchestrate™ platform is a powerful, flexible cloud based solution that stores, optimizes, delivers, and analyzes your content. Connect the entire platform to your existing systems via APIs. Or just use the available services you need. However your employ it, the Limelight Orchestrate™ platform enables you to better engage your online audiences.



Show it.

Limelight Orchestrate™ Video

Your users are busy. They are bombarded from all sides and at all times by images and messages and words. How will you stand out?

You can’t just be a storyteller anymore. In this day and age, you have to master storyshowing. Whether it’s on demand or live streaming, Limelight Orchestrate™ Video will help you capture attention and drive engagement by showing your story just the way your users want to view it: through rich media, seamlessly delivered, on the go.

As a powerful online video platform, Orchestrate Video enables you to do more with rich media from the back end, too—to manage it, tag it, and make it searchable. Everything you need to weave rich media and online video into the very fabric of your users’ experience.

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Every. Way.

Limelight for Mobile Enablement on Any Device

Your digital content is making its rounds this very instant…on mobile phones, tablets, PCs and TVs. If it's not, you have a big problem. Because it should be available everywhere your users are.

But what if your content isn't available on a certain device? Or it’s only available as jumbled text, black boxes where your video should be, or worse yet—interminable load times? What if it (gasp!) doesn’t appear at all?

Don’t cut your mobile users off from interacting with your content. Celebrate their mobile diversity with a variety of mobile technologies and services integrated into the Orchestrate platform and available through each of our solutions for Content Delivery, Performance, Video, and Cloud Storage. Throw Insight into the mix and see for yourself just how well your content can do on mobile.

Every. Where.

Limelight Orchestrate™ Content Delivery

Your content can't be slow to load in Singapore, or jumpy in Japan.

Despite all the work you've put into making your content great, it won't get through to the people who matter without a killer CDN underneath.

With Limelight Orchestrate™ Content Delivery, the challenges of delivering content to your online audience become a thing of the past. And the digital experiences you create become a thing of the future: highly optimized, consistent, fast. With performance, security, and scalability integrated so deeply within our privately operated CDN, it’s no surprise that some of the world’s biggest brands rely on Orchestrate Content Delivery to deliver their online traffic.


Blazing. Fast.

Limelight Orchestrate™ Performance

Reach without speed? Forget it. Your content is way too valuable to let poor performance stand in the way just as it's reached its final destination.

Limelight Orchestrate™ Performance, optimizes the delivery of business-critical websites and web applications at the browser and network levels so your business can move as quickly as your users do.

With the industry’s #1 ranked dynamic content accelerator and front end optimization technology under your belt, there’s no slowing you down. Finally, your users can stop tapping their fingers while they wait for your content to load. And start tapping the important parts of your site, like the BUY NOW button.